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We mount only original Samsung LCD displays certified by Samsung UK - repairs in 24/48 hours.

Samsung Glass replacement Price List

Samsung model / Repair Service Price
S2 Glass change £49
S3 Glass change £69
S4 Glass change £69
S4 Mini Glass change £69
S5 Glass change £89
S5 Mini Glass change £69
S6 Glass change £89
S7 Glass change £129
S6 Edge Glass change £189
S7 Edge Glass change £190
S8 Glass change £259
Note 2 Glass change £89
Note 3 Glass change £89
Note 4 Glass change £89
Note 5 Glass change £149
A3 (2015) Glass change £69
A5 (2015) Glass change £69
A3 (2016) Glass change £79
A5 (2016) Glass change £79
A7 (2016) Glass change £99
J3 (2016) Glass change £69
J5 (2016) Glass change £79

Samsung LCD replacement Price List

Samsung model Color Price
J1 2016 white/black/gold £109
J3 2016 white £100
J3 2016 gold £100
J3 2016 black £100
J3 2017 silver £120
J3 2017 black £120
J3 2017 gold £120
J5 2015 white £110
J5 2015 black £110
J5 2015 gold £110
J5 2016 white £120
J5 2016 gold £120
J5 2016 black £120
J5 2017 gold £140
J5 2017 black £140
J5 2017 silver £140
J5 2018 gold £140
J7 2016 black £130
J7 2016 white £130
J7 2016 gold £130
J7 2017 black £149
J7 2017 gold £149
J7 2017 silver £149
Alpha white £149
Alpha silver/gold £149
Alpha black £149
Alpha blue £149
A3 2015 black/silver £110
A3 gold/rose £110
A3 white £110
A3 2016 white £129
A3 2016 black £129
A3 2016 silver £129
A3 2016 gold £129
A3 2017 blue £139
A3 2017 black £139
A3 2017 gold £139
A3 2017 rose £139
A5 rose £129
A5 gold £129
A5 black £129
A5 white £129
A5 silver £129
A5  2016 black £140
A5 2016 white £140
A5 2017 black/blue £159
A5 2017 gold £159
A5 2017 rose £159
A5 2017 sky blue £159
A7 gold £140
A7 black £140
A7 white £140
A7 blue £140
S3 white £130
S3 black £130
S4 white £140
S4 blue £140
S4 violet £140
S4 black £140
S5 black £159
S5 white £159
S5 gold £159
S5 neo black £149
S5 neo gold £149
S5 neo silver £149
S6 gold £199
S6 white £199
S6 black £199
S6 sky blue £199
S6 Edge white £229
S6 Edge black £229
S6 Edge gold £229
S6 Edge green £229
S7 gold £199
S7 black £199
S7 white £199
S7 silver £199
S7 rose gold £199
S7 Edge gold £299
S7 Edge white £299
S7 Edge black £299
S7 Edge silver £299
S7 Edge rose gold £299
S7 Edge blue £299
S8 silver £299
S8 black £299
S8 gray £299
S8 blue £299
S8 gold £299
S8 plus blue £320
S8 plus black £320
S8 plus gray £320
S8 plus silver £320
Note Edge white/black £320
Note 3 neo gold £199
Note 3 neo black/white £199
Note 4 white £210
Note 4 black/gold £210
Note 8 gold £320
Note 8 black £320
Note 8 blue £320

Samsung repair London and samsung support London

iPhone Clinic - Samsung support London, most Samsung Galaxy repairs can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, including replacing the broken Samsung Galaxy screen, buttons, or speakers. We understand that your Samsung Galaxy is an important tool in your daily life and you want it to be repaired as quickly as possible.
If your Samsung Galaxy has water damage or physical damage, we can repair it. We have technicians specialized in motherboard repair. If you have been told that your Samsung Galaxy is not repairable, please bring it to iPhone Clinic London Samsung Support and we'll fix it.

Samsung, the South Korean multinational company, confirms its position as the world's first smartphone maker.

Founded in 1938, Samsung was originally a food distribution company. Over the years it has grown more and more literally assuming a dominance in the insurance and financial field, until becoming a multinational in the field of technology and electronics. But the real turning point is definitely 2009. Year in which the Samsung Galaxy is launched. A revolution in the technological field. In fact, in the following years the new smartphones of the Galaxy line were presented: Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S8. The latter can be considered the first smartphone without physical buttons near the display.

While the story that binds the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is curious because the company was forced to withdraw it from the market after several cases of explosions and sudden fires even of devices turned off. Even many airlines had in fact banned the boarding of Note 7.

Now despite the record, Samsung has not reported any exciting sales. With the Galaxy S9 in fact, presented in early 2018, did not have the desired success. However, the South Korean multinational still has a great advantage in smartphone sales worldwide, compared to its competitors. We talk about with 71 million devices sold. To conclude, 2019 will most likely bring the Galaxy S10 into the global technology market. New screens, new cameras, new technologies. It is sure that in the coming weeks and months there will be new rumors and new details for all the fans of the South Korean company.

In total the news should be three. Three new smartphones, which should arrive on the market by March 2019. Finally, it is also likely that with the new year will also debut a 5G variant. We just have to wait.


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