iPhone 5s screen replacement in 10 minutes




10 minutes




10 minutes

If you have an iPhone 5s with a smashed / broken screen or has a distorted image, no image, iPhone Clinic can help. If you have a problem with the battery, maybe it does not charge correctly? Maybe the battery runs out too fast or the iPhone 5s turns off when it reaches 30% of the battery? We can also fix this.

It is not necessary to make an appointment at our iPhone Clinic repair shop. We know that nobody likes to be without the phone, so we will try to repair your iPhone 5s during your visit, or certainly within a short period of time.In the most complex case, we may need to keep it for further testing.

iPhone 5s battery change and repair costs

The repair depends on the diagnosis and any components that need to be replaced. Other feeding problems require further testing. We have found out that, in many cases, where a battery seems to need replacing, it is actually a completely different problem.

Battery change iPhone 5s - we make the quick replacement of the battery of your iPhone 5s, with exceptional price just £ 49.00!
You will not lose your data, and you can restore the perfect functionality of your iPhone 5s in only 5 minutes !

Call us or come direct, we have always available all the CE certified spare parts and in just 5 minutes we solve your problems!

iPhone 5s screen replacement and repair costs

Accidents happen. We are here to help. We can change the screen of your iPhone 5s, using certified technicians and high quality components. That's why we can offer a 3 month warranty on all iPhone 5s screen repairs.

We see many stores are offering iPhone 5s glass repair. This might seem like a good idea because, it's normally just the broken glass, right? The problem is that the screen of an iPhone 5s consists of a sealed unit in which the screen, the touch sensors and the glass are sealed together . If someone removes the glass from the screen and reinstalls the new glass, it will no longer be possible to merge the 3 components together. This means that there is air between the screen and the glass, which causes touch problems and can lead to the dust that appears under the glass.

iPhone Clinic just like Apple, replaces the entire screen unit on the iPhone. In this way you get a new sealed unit. We also offer you a warranty so you can be sure there will be no problems in the future.

We can change the screen of your iPhone 5s, using certified technicians and high quality components. That's why we can offer a 12 month warranty on all iPhone 5s screen repairs.

Accidental damage is not covered by the Apple warranty. For an iPhone 5s, the price for screen replacement is £ 79

Your data

Data on your iPhone 5s is important. The phones no longer have only telephone numbers. They have our photos, our chat history and our Facebook posts. Be sure to back it up before repairing.

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