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1 hour

If you have an iPad Mini with a glass that is broken, iPhone Clinic can help you. If you have a problem with the battery, maybe it does not charge correctly? Maybe the battery drains too fast or does iPad Mini turn off when it reaches 30% of the battery? We can also fix this.

It's not necessary to make an appointment at our repair centers. We will try to repair your iPad Mini during your visit, or within a short period of time. (Normally 1 hour). In the most complex case, we may need to keep it for further testing.

iPad Mini glass replacement and repair costs

Accidents happen. We are here to help. We can change the glass of your iPad Mini, using certified technicians and high quality components. That's why we can offer a 12 month warranty.

Accidental damage is not covered by the Apple warranty. For an iPad Mini the price to replace screen glass is £89.

Price list to replace glass iPad Mini HERE

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