Refurbished Apple Devices

We sell refurbished iPhone | iPad | iMac | Macbook with warranty! Come directly!

Model Price
iPhone 6 64Gb £259,00
iPhone 6 128Gb £319,00
iPhone 6s 16Gb £280,00
Phone 6s Plus 64Gb £449,00
iPhone 7 32Gb £359,00
iPhone 7 128Gb £459,00
iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb £569,00
iPhone 8 64Gb £499,00
iPAD5generazione 32Gb Wifi+Cellular £409,00
MACBOOK AIR MID2012 I5/4/128Bb £599,00
MACBOOK AIR MID2013 I5/4/128Gb £629,00

Why buy refurbished Apple devices from us?

Simple ... we do not sell online we like real things, where you can see and touch it with your hands before paying ! and if you have any problem you will always know where to find us. Come to us directly, pay and take it immediately with regular invoice and warranty!

Looking for Refurbished iPhone with the warranty?

iPhone Clinic offers the best deals, MacBook and iPhone refurbished: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, MacBook Pro and iPad.

Why buy refurbished iPhone?

The choice of refurbished iPhone by Apple guarantees the reliability of Apple products at a great price!
With refurbished iPhone, you still have all the features of an iPhone including iTunes, App Store and Siri without renewing your cell phone contract or shelling out a huge sum of money. All Apple Certified refurbished iPhones are backed by a 180-day warranty.

Will my reconditioned iPhone work like new?

Yes, refurbished iPhone by "iPhone Clinic" is 100% functional and all the parts work like new.
Our refurbished products are not the same ones used. They experience a rigorous renewal process to reach high standards before they are released. This implies that when you buy a refurbished Apple product, it will work and function 100%.

Have reconditioned Apple products been tested?

Yes, when we renew our products, one of the most important steps is the test.
All our refurbished products (like refurbished iPhone, refurbished MacBook or refurbished iPad) run through a comprehensive test that includes software and hardware testing and component control. If errors are detected, they go through the restructuring process again. After all the corrections, they are released with the certification.


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iPhone Clinic specialises in repair service for iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Samsung and Huawei along with a wide range of refurbished Apple products. We offer services like repair iphone glass, iphone samsung huawei battery change, support/upgrade mac macbook, glass + lcd replacement samsung huawei