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iSmash London invests all its energy in all the technical operations necessary to provide assistance on all Apple devices, performing them in an exemplary way. This specialized laboratory is part of the iSmash's family distributed throughout the capital and throughout Italy. Ponte Milvio, on the other hand, represents one of the most ancient and monumental structures of the eternal city. With all its charm it lies on the Tiber River. Consequently it can be affirmed that it lies on the soul of London.

What does iSmash London?

This structure represents a place where you can receive assistance through a professional technical staff, experienced and skilled in all support operations requested by your customers. In this place competence can be considered a business card. In fact, it is a good choice to have your damaged device, or badly functioning, repaired in these structures because convenience is a further calling card: the convenience of obtaining an exemplary repair through sophisticated tools, convenience because these places inspire tranquility and confidence as soon as you cross the door considered their appearance fresh and clean but not only, on the repaired device a guarantee is offered on the interventions carried out with the covering power of several months.

Through this exclusive service, what has become iSmash London?

With this excellent service the structure has become a real point of reference for all the customers of the famous Californian company, here you can feel at the center of attention. What matters is to satisfy customers, make them feel satisfied. At the same time, customers can do nothing but feel themselves as they are aware of receiving a unique and personalized assistance service. Finally, an assistance service that offers the opportunity to regain your repaired and guaranteed technological device in a very short time.


09:00 - 19:30

iPhone Clinic Holding LTD

107A Fleet Street, London EC4, UK
+44 7784 818807
iPhone Clinic specialises in repair service for iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Samsung and Huawei along with a wide range of refurbished Apple products. We offer services like repair iphone glass, iphone samsung huawei battery change, support/upgrade mac macbook, glass + lcd replacement samsung huawei