iPhone battery replacement

Repair iPhone London

Owning a problematic iPhone with battery that drains too fast means having a real discomfort especially if you spend the whole day without being able to charge your iPhone. As a result, it is necessary to replace battery that has become unusable since it does not reach 80% of maximum capacity, which is the percentage guaranteed by Apple.

Where can I go to have to replace iPhone battery correctly?

To obtain an impeccable support and assistance, it is necessary to rely iPhone Clinic store, a structure selected and certified by the company founded by Steve Jobs with the aim of providing a complete service to all its customers. It is a specialized laboratory where you doesn't need to make an appointment to take advantage of the operations like iPhone battery replacement or iPhone screen repair. In this laboratory operates a professional technical staff, competent and skilled in performing all the tasks required to replace iPhone battery.

What are the timing for replacing iPhone battery?

The timing of iPhone Clinic to perform a correct iPhone battery replacement, are fast, considering that the technical staff takes only 5 minutes to perform this operation. Another benefit from iPhone battery replacement in iPhone Clinic, in addition to receiving expert technical support, you receive a further precious and special guarantee on the operation just carried out. Guarantee that has the power to insure your iPhone usability for a few months.


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