Repair iPad London

Smashed iPad screen replacement in 1 hour

starting from £49
Repair iPad Roma
iPad glass replacement in 1 hour!
iPad battery change in 10 minutes
Without an appointment
No backup needed
You do not lose any data/photo/app

Replace iPad Glass

Come directly without need for an appointment without backup, you do not lose photos or data

With us you do not lose the official Apple warranty

Model iPad Glass replacement iPad Battery replacement
iPad 2/3/4 £49.00 £49.00
iPad Mini 1/2 £59.00
iPad Mini 3 £69.00
iPad Mini 4 £169.00 £69.00
iPad Air £69.00 £59.00
iPad Air 2 £179.00 £89.00
iPad (2017) £79.00
iPad Pro 9.7" £189.00 £189.00
iPad Pro 10.5" £189.00
iPad Pro 12.9" £219.00

iPad glass replacement in 1 hour without an appointment!

re you looking for an iPad glass replacement London? iPhone Clinic offers you the best and genuine repair at very affordable prices. Repair services, such as iPad glass change, iPad screen replacement, iPad battery change are available for all models released of the Apple iPad from iPad 1 to the new iPad Mini Retina 3 and iPad Pro 10.5.

Usually we change iPad glass in 1 hour. The different repairs like battery repairs, screen replacement, dock replacement, and more complicated problems. We are one of the few London repair centers able to perform logical card repairs.
Take a look at the various iPad models we repair in London. Before thinking about a repair, make sure your device is backed up through iTunes or iCloud so that all your information is safe.

If you have a smashed iPad screen, you're probably not enjoying all the fun that your device is intended to provide. Your broken iPad will refuse to respond to any command you give it. You may also find that when you try to touch an icon, your tablet acts as if it had its own mind. This can be extremely stressful as Apple devices are generally very expensive to replace.

Do not worry, our affordable iPad repair service will take care of you and your iPad. Our iPad repair specialists can replace broken screens or complete the most common repairs on the iPad. iPad glass replacement is made by our certified technicians.
If your broken iPad screen does not work, then contact us today to get it fixed quickly. You can also stop at one of our stores in London. Come and visit us today to make sure your broken iPad is fixed as fast as possible.

Technical support Mac Macbook London

Technical support Mac Macbook

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All models £49

Dees your iPhone battery drain too fast?

We can replace the battery of your iPhone in just 5 minutes without losing any data.

Come direct no need for an appointment
Refurbished iPhone London

Refurbished Apple Devices

We don't sell refurbished iPhone iMac Macbook iPad online, we like real things, where you can see and touch it with your hands before paying.


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