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Smashed iPad screen - replacement in 1 hour

At the Authorized Assistance Center it is possible to have an iPad London repair performed. This is a place certified and qualified by the Californian company Apple in which a rapid and effective technical support service can be obtained. So much so that for the replacement of the glass on an iPad the time required is only an hour, while for the replacement of the battery we even speak of only 10 minutes. Furthermore, all this takes place without the risk of losing data or multimedia files in all the ten qualified structures, located in the Capital.

Why is it important to rely on these facilities to take advantage of an iPad repair London?

Relying on these structures is extremely important because they are able to obtain a complete and optimal result for all customers through the exclusive use of Apple original spare parts and through all the know-how provided. That is to say to make available all the knowledge, all the skills and all the knowledge in a service studied to the smallest detail with the aim of performing a surgical repair using sophisticated tools and ready to facilitate all the necessary tasks.

What happens if, for an iPad repair London, I go to an Apple unauthorized place?

Going to an unauthorized and non-certified place means losing the Apple warranty, in fact Apple only guarantees the technical operations performed by Apple. In addition, there is the risk of further damaging the device with non-compliant component installations. While in the ten authorized structures, located throughout the Capitoline area, an exclusive guarantee is provided on the repairs performed by the technical figures, who let the customers breathe air of competence and quality. They make customers breathe an air of professionalism. These are details that involve all those who benefit from this very high level of support and in a service that is ever closer to perfection.


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