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Home button iPhone 6 London
This is not a hardware problem, in many cases, but only an erroneous calibration that can still be corrected by bringing it to iPhone Clinic. In fact, it is extremely likely that this is a wrong calibration if the Home button iPhone 6 is slow in responding to commands or does not respond at all.

Then there is the dust. It can be considered an enemy for all devices. These tiny particles are lifted and transported by the wind, settling practically anywhere. It is not easy to keep certain parts of the device clean, in particular, the slots and the inside of the keys.

If, after trying to solve the problem, the home button iPhone 6 still does not work at all or it works intermittently, what can you do? You can send the device to the iPhone Clinic where the "home button" will be replaced. Furthermore, the connector will also be replaced, responsible for the malfunction of the device.
Finally, some useful and important information. The Apple customer can enjoy the warranty coverage, called AppleCare + and can enjoy consumer protection laws, obviously if the device malfunction was not caused by accidental damage. In this case, therefore, there is no charge to the customer.

If unfortunately, you do not have the benefit of having the AppleCare + warranty coverage, the fee for repairing the device varies according to the rates for out-of-warranty assistance. To find out if you can enjoy the AppleCare + warranty coverage, you must enter the serial number of your device directly on the official Apple website.


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