Broken iPhone 7 Glass: How to fix it?

Broken iPhone 7 Glass
Once the iPhone 7 glass is damaged or broken, you can bring it to us, to iPhone Clinic, where you iPhone will be fixed in 10 minutes. With the release of the iPhone 7, the new generation of Californian smartphone can enjoy a special certificate, called: IP68 Certification.

Being provided with this certification IP68 basically means that it is a hermetically sealed device that has a high resistance to dust and conductive liquids. Case in point: water, which being a conducting liquid, has the capacity to "conduct" electricity, sound or heat. Dust and water are among the number one enemies of their technological device. And, as if this were not enough, when you damage your iPhone 7 glass, the system of protection against dust and conductive liquids is no longer active.

Many companies have tried to gear up to offer their customers waterproof devices. Apple, in fact, with the launch of its iPhone 7, entered in the era of its water-resistant smartphones, but remembering that being waterproof is not synonymous with being underwater.
You can replace the iPhone 7 glass in our specialized workshop iPhone Clinic. When you think of a "workshop" comes to mind a mechanic concentrated in repairing a car. Here in out workshop there are experts and competent "mechanics" to fulfill any kind of technical assistance and support for your Apple Device such as iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook.

Our laboratory will replace the glass of your iPhone 7 always with Warranty. Call us or come directly to iPhone Clinic, no need to make an appointment!


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