Apple London: The first Apple store in London

Apple London
Apple London is the first store in Italy, commonly called Apple Store, inaugurated exactly March 31, 2004.

The very first Apple Store, however, was inaugurated and presented to the entire world directly by the founder of the Cupertino company: Steve Jobs. The father of the bitten apple, in fact, opened the first Apple store in the morning of May 19, 2001, at the Tysons Corner Center in Virginia. It was such an important and mediatic event that Steve Jobs had captained a group of journalists to do with them a real press conference about the first Apple Store.

If you look in Europe, in 2004 the first European city to have had the honour and consideration in accepting the first Apple Store, in London.
Now, the shops, including Apple London, are not as originally. So many things have changed, so many have evolved. Everything to try more and more to make their customers a first class service. The fact remains however that it has always been and has always remained the place where you can ask specialized assistance and buy prestigious Apple products. An experience lives in the Apple Stores. How you live an experience in authorized Apple certified centres.

To conclude another curiosity that, decidedly soberer but very particular. It does not concern Apple London but concerns the first computer launched by Apple: Apple 1.

Apple 1 (initially called Apple Computer) was nothing but a motherboard. To be able to have a well-functioning computer you only had to add two power supplies, a keyboard and connect it to your home TV. It reflects the fact that it had a processor about a thousand times slower than a modern iPad. It was 1976. Its cost: 666.66 dollars.


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