Repair iPhone London

Get iPhone repaired in 10 minutes without making an appointment!

Repair iPhone London

iPhone screen replacement London!

No backup needed
Do not lose photos and phone numbers
Without an appointment

starting from £39

Broken iPhone glass?

Repair iPhone London

No problem we can change it in 10 minutes!

Repair iphone London

iPhone broken glass repair Price

Repair Service Price
Repair iPhone 4/4s Glass + LCD replacement £29
Repair iPhone 5/5s/5c Glass + LCD replacement £49
Repair iPhone 6 Glass + LCD replacement £89
Repair iPhone 6 plus Glass + LCD replacement £99
Repair iPhone 6s Glass + LCD replacement £99
Repair iPhone 6S plus Glass + LCD replacement £109
Repair iPhone 7 Glass + LCD replacement £99
Repair iPhone 7 plus Glass + LCD replacement £129
Repair iPhone 8 Glass + LCD replacement £119
Repair iPhone 8 plus Glass + LCD replacement £119
Repair iPhone X Glass + LCD replacement £289

iPhone dropped into the water?

No problem we repair iPhone after water-damage.

iPhone battery change

We can change the battery of your iPhone in 10 minutes with a warranty of 1 year.

Hardware problem?

We directly repair the logicboards, bringing back to life even products considered vintage.

iPhone glass repair

We are using nly original iPhone glass and LCDs with Warranty.

iPhone does not charge anymore? Doesn't turn on?

In our laboratory we are able to fix any smartphone and computer at every level.

Refurbished iPhones

We sell refurbished iPhones, iPads and Macbooks with 12 month warranty and availability in the store.

Technical support Mac Macbook London

Technical support Mac London

Request your quote for iMac Macbook support! It's Free!

Ask for a quote
All models £49

Does your iPhone battery drain too fast?

We can replace the battery of your iPhone in just 5 minutes without losing any data.

Come direct no need for an appointment
Refurbished iPhone London

Refurbished Apple Devices

We don't sell refurbished iPhone iMac Macbook iPad online, we like real things, where you can see and touch it with your hands before paying.

Replacement broken back glass iPhone X

Replacement broken back glass iPhone X London

With us you do not have to replace your iPhone we can change only the back glass without losing any data and without an appointment

£400 £159

iPhone Battery Replacement Price

We'll change your iPhone battery in 5 minutes!

Cambio batteria iPhone €49
Model Price
iPhone X All Models £49
iPhone 8 plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 6S plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5/5s/5c
iPhone 4/4s

iPhone Clinic can provide you iPhone screen replacement London in 10 minutes with warranty!

Smashed your iPhone screen? iPhone Clinic is here to help you!

With 10 repair shops in Italy and now in the UK, with years of experience, thousands of satisfied customers, you can check out our reviews in Google Here, we can repair smashed iPhone screen in 10 minutes!

How so fast?

The big misunderstanding is that you can repair smashed glass or broken screen of your iPhone, the secret is that iPhone Glass, Touch and Screen is one block, it’s glued together. So we don’t change only glass or screen of your iPhone, we change all block. That’s why we can provide iPhone screen repair in 10 minutes. Worth mention that all our repairs come with 1-year Warranty.


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iPhone Clinic specialises in iPhone repair, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Samsung and Huawei along with a wide range of refurbished Apple products. We offer services like repair iphone glass, iphone samsung huawei battery change, support/upgrade mac macbook, glass + lcd replacement samsung huawei
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